Horse Auction, Fridays 9AM

Every Friday horse lovers from all over the United States join us for our weekly auctions of driving, work, saddle horses and ponies. Don’t miss our two special yearly sales scheduled for Good Friday and the Friday after Thanksgiving. These are our largest sales with up to 400 or more horses.
The sale beings at 9am with the tack items.

April 3, 2015
Saddle Horse – 9am
Pony Auction – 3pm

November 27, 2015 – Day After Thanksgiving Horse Auction
Saddle Horse – 9am
Pony Auction – 3pm

You may apply for a buyer number at the office. You must have your drivers license to get a buyer number. -We accept cash or checks, and credit cards (which have a 5% buyers premium)

As of 7/23/10 ALL horses sold through Shipshewana Auction must have the Equine Information Document.

You may bring your horse in anytime after 6pm on Thursday, up until sale time on Friday.
Your horse must have a Coggins test taken within the last 12 months.  If you do not have this, it can be taken the day of the auction ($20 for regular auctions, $25 for special sales.)
If you are unable to stay and watch your horse sell, you may want to write up a short story about your horse to be read by the auctioneer.

General Information
-The horse auction is held every Friday.
-The tack sale begins at 9:00 AM and the horses begin selling at 10:30 AM.
-To auction tack bring it Friday by 9:00 AM and take it into the ring to be sold.
-To set up in a space as a vendor see space information below.
-There are two special sales held each year on Good Friday and the day after Thanksgiving. These are especially large sales with tack and ponies sold in our Antique & Misc. building and the horses in the livestock building. These sales begin at 9:00 AM.
-The horse auction office hours are 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Monday thru Friday.
-Shipshewana Auction, Inc. reserves the right to reject any article being offered for sale by vendors.
-Special approval by Shipshewana Auction, Inc. management is needed to sell any food, confection, or beverage item.
-Shipshewana Auction, Inc. assumes no responsibility for damaged or stolen property.
Vendors must register in office before setting up.

Space Information

Under Shelter Building
Spaces 1&2
18′ x 20′
Under Shelter Building
Spaces 3-6
12′ x 20′
Outside Shelter Building
12′ x 20′
Sale of dogs/small animals
In Antique & Misc. Building
(Good Friday & day after Thanksgiving)

*Good Friday & the day after Thanksgiving.
-Availability: on a first come, first serve basis or reserved in advance with payment.
-Reservation Cancellations: please call us (260-768-4129) to cancel your space by 4:00 PM Thursday to receive a 50% refund or credit.
-If reserved space is not occupied by 8:00 AM day of reservation, no refund is allowed and space may be re-rented.
-No vehicle parking is allowed in front of spaces on North side of the shelter building.

Driving Horses $35.00/head
Work Horses
Saddle Horses $35.00/hd
Loose Horses $30.00/hd
Ponies $30.00/hd
All Studs $35.00/hd

Special Horse Sales 5% of gross (with a minimum of regular commission)

Tack 15% of gross

Vet Services 
-Coggins: $20.00 (Reg. Sales) $25.00 (Special Sales)
-Yardage: 0.390% ($3.00 minimum per head)